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135+ CLASSES each week to choose from!Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling, Scholarships for Boys...and so much more!

Utah Dance Artists develops confidenceartistry technique in dancers.

Highlights At UDA

Important Dates

April 1st

Recital Guide & Costume Guidelines Emailed

Pick up recital information packs in lobby

April 14th - 19th

Spring Break - No Classes

April 21st

Summer registration begins

April 25th

Starry Starry Night tickets on sale

May 3rd

Starry Starry Night Benefit Concert - 2pm & 6pm

May 3rd & 5th

Recital Costume Distribution

May 12th

Recital Tickets Go On Sale at Kingbury Hall

May 24th

Lisa Wells Scholarship Applications Due

May 26th

Memorial Day - No Classes

May 30th & 31st

Varsity Company Auditions

June 11th

Last Day of Classes

June 12th & 13th

Dress Rehearsal

June 16th

Family Appreciation Celebration & UDA Awards

June 17th - 27th

10 Day Jazz Intensive

10 Day Ballet Intensive

What Clients Say

  • My daughter, Lexie, has been taking dance for the past 9 years at Utah Dance Artists. She has taken a variety of classes ranging from Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern. I have been so pleased with her dance education at UDA. There is a very positive atmosphere that allows dancers of all levels to progress and achieve their goals. They have taught her not only to dance, but to work hard, to have confidence under pressure, and how to be a great performer. UDA has played a big part in helping Lexie grow in so many ways. Thank you so much!

    Kathy DavisParent

  • A great dance studio! UDA is very professional and organized with great instructors and great communication with parents. I feel like they really know and care about my child.

    Jessica AldermanParent

    UDA is well organized, has talented instructors, and is reasonably priced.

    Julian CzechParent

  • I appreciate how kind and personable Brooke Maxwell (owner) is to her students and parents. We have been at other studios and never before have we been treated with such love, kindness, and friendliness by the studio owner. She knows my name and my children. I have been so appreciative of this. I’m not made to feel like I’m bothering her if I have a question. I can feel that she truly loves and cares about her students and their families.


  • Great place to get a good foundation for technique and performing skills.

    Nicole WatsonParent

    Fabulous, wonderful, a mix between professional teachings and fun to keep the preschooler entertained; and lots of technique to start my little dancer down the right path.

    Cami ScottParent

  • My parents have now been to four granddaughters’ recitals and were greatly impressed with tonight’s UDA recital far more than the others. We all agreed; no babies, no cameras, no grabbing your kid after their number and leaving, no one standing in front of you, no lame MC . . . . all things that were present in other performances and are so annoying. I loved the classiness and the professional show that was put on. And love the uniformity.


  • Dance can sometimes be a poor environment for girls. At UDA there is always a positive feeling; costumes and music are appropriate and still trendy and fun.


    UDA is high level dance studio that teaches and emphasizes correct technique in a very organized fashion from the very youngest classes up.

    Miki EberhardtParent