About Aubrielle

Aubrielle Arroyo


Ms. Arroyo has been dancing since she was 9 years old. In high school she attended the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, where she studied and fell in love with Musical Theatre and was a member of the Dance Conservatory. After high school Ms. Arroyo studied dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and after finishing her freshman year was accepted into the Professional Semester program at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. There she trained with amazing teachers and choreographers who work in the dance industry on Broadway, with ballet and modern companies in NYC and who work commercially with recording artists and in TV/film all over the country. During her time in NYC Ms. Arroyo made incredible connections with her teachers and directors, learned how to best present herself at auditions, and gained essential information on how to be a successful as a working performer. After working in NYC 2 years, she moved back to Utah to marry her sweetheart, and has since worked locally with Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, Taylorsville Arts Council, and various studios across the Salt Lake valley.

Ms. Arroyo takes her life experiences and career knowledge and applies it to all she continues to pursue: hard work, dedication, commitment, professionalism and presenting her best self. One of the most important things that Ms. Arroyo has learned in her short career is that nothing is more important than supporting those around you in this industry. It is vital to practice acceptance of yourself, your artistry and ability, but also that of those around you. As an aspiring teacher, coach and artist, Ms. Arroyo hopes to nourish young dancers, help them express themselves through their craft, discover what it is inside them that they can offer to the world, and teach them the skills that will not only make them successful dancers but any path they choose in life.