About Heidi

Heidi Barton

STARS Ballet Director - Classical Ballet - Pre-K/Kinder Classes (Ballet & Tap/Jazz)

Heidi Barton has been dancing for over sixteen years, training in ballet, jazz, tap and character dance. Ms. Barton trained under the founder and director of Ballet West, Willam F. Christensen, as well as other teachers from his distinguished faculty at his official ballet academy, The Christensen Center. She has used her extensive dance experience as a choreographer and performer in numerous musical productions throughout high school and college. While in high school, Ms. Barton furthered her dance education by attending national workshops, such as Tremaine, and participated as a member of the drill team. She has owned and operated her own dance studio where she specialized in teaching ballet and jazz. This is Ms. Barton's 12th year teaching at Utah Dance Artists.

Education and Professional Experience:
  • Trained under the founder and director of Ballet West, William F. Christensen.
  • Continued dance eduction in college.
Career Highlight:
  • Dance studio owner specializing in classical ballet and jazz