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UDA Ballet Conservatory is committed to excellence in ballet training and emphasizes the importance of pure classical ballet technique as the technical foundation for various dance styles.

Ballet Conservatory is an add-on program for Junior, Teen, and Senior dancers who already participate in the Conservatory Competitive Program, as well as an extra training opportunity for Varsity and EPG dancers. Ballet Conservatory provides additional training in ballet technique, pointe and variations, providing a pre-professional training program for serious ballet students. Dancers are grouped according to ability level with age consideration, as opposed to being grouped by their Conservatory Company.

Varsity & EPG Dancers

Ballet Conservatory welcomes and encourages the participation of Varsity and EPG dancers who wish to intensify their ballet training. While the competitive performance group is not open to Varsity and EPG dancers, they are welcome to audition and participate in Ballet Conservatory classes. Interested dancers should attend the audition.