Tech Enabled Studio

Tech Enabled Studio

As a Certified Safer Studio, UDA is committed to following Utah Health Department’s best practices and recommendations. Even with these precautions in place, under our current situation not all families will be able or ready to send their dancers back to UDA this fall. This recognition motivated our plan to provide a way for everyone to participate in dance classes, while still maintaining personal and family safety, physical boundaries, and comfort levels.

Utah Dance Artists is the First Tech-enabled Dance Studio in Salt Lake City!

What does this mean?

  • Each of our 10 dance studios are equipped with wide lens cameras, providing a 90% view of the studio setting so dancers at home can feel more a part of the classroom experience.
  • Every studio in our facility sports a wall mounted, large screen TV for teachers to easily view and correct their students who are participating from home.
  • In every class, teachers will wear lapel mics to ensure dancers from home can hear their voice as clearly as the students in the studio.
  • Both of our studio locations/facilities have been serviced with hard-wired internet connection to enhance internet speed, demolish digital interference, and increase virtual security.

Our tech-enabled capacities will allow UDA to seamlessly transition our services and keep students dancing throughout the year no matter the extenuating circumstances or risk levels associated with COVID-19. These services will also provide parents flexibility and a choice of participation. Dancers can take class at the studio, from the comfort of their home or even transition between these two options depending on individual or family circumstances.

UDA’s tech-enabled services will be provided to our dance families at no additional cost. Monthly tuition will remain the same throughout the year, regardless of the service platform chosen.

Parent Communication System

Green indicates normal class participation at the studio.

Yellow indicates a cautionary change to service delivery and to check email for further instructions.

Red indicates dancers and families should remain at home and attend dance classes online.

Considering the continuation of COVID physical distancing mandates and government restrictions, UDA will adhere to PARENT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, using “green, yellow and red” emojis to commune Utah risk levels and dance class status. These faces will become familiar as they appear on the homepage of UDA’s website and social media platforms, directing traffic to the appropriate service channel.