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All About Conservatory Competitive Program

Conservatory is a pre-professional level competitive program for dancers in the 2nd - 12th grades who have a desire to dance to a higher level of technique, performance and artistry with the goal of continuing dance in higher eduction or as a professional career.

Conservatory is divided into four levels of participation:

  • Minis: 2nd - 5th grade dancers
  • Juniors: 5th - 7th grade dancers
  • Teens: 7th - 10th grade dancers
  • Seniors: 10th - 12th grade dancers

Ballet Conservatory

Ballet Conservatory is an add-on program for Junior, Teen, and Senior dancers who already participate in the Conservatory Competitive Program, and serves as an extra training opportunity for Varsity and EPG dancers. Ballet Conservatory provides additional training in ballet technique, pointe and variations, providing a pre-professional training program for serious ballet students. Dancers are grouped according to ability level with age consideration.

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