UDA Studio Policies

UDA Studio Policies for 2024-2025


Email is UDA’s primary source of communication and used to keep accounts informed and up to date on regular studio happenings. Please add info@utahdanceartists.com to your list of contacts ASAP to ensure you receive important studio information that will be sent via email after registration. UDA Facebook and Instagram Sites are also used to communicate important information to our dance families. Please take a moment to connect with UDA social media accounts; Utah Dance Artists on Facebook and Instagram.


All accounts must maintain an active credit card on file. Cards on file will be charged on the first business day of each month for account balances owed. Cards on file will not be charged if the account balance is paid prior to the first day of the month via cash or check.

  • UDA Membership Fee: $45 per student
  • Returning Student Registration Fee: $35 per student
  • One Month Tuition Installment: Covers ½ August and ½ June monthly tuition. Accounts committed to a nine ½ month enrollment will not be charged June tuition. Accounts that drop classes or enrollment prior to June 2020 will not be refunded the ½ June tuition paid.
  • *No registration fees apply to Mini-Sessions.

NSF returns on credit card charges or paper checks will immediately incur an $20 NSF fee and due with the following months tuition balance.


Late accounts will receive a notice via email and a seven-day grace period prior to being charged a late fee. If the account is not brought to a zero balance after seven days, a $20 late fee or 5% finance charge (whichever is greater) will be assessed and the service of dance classes will be discontinued until the account balance is paid in full. Accounts that carry a balance 60 days past due will be inactivated and sent to collections.

  • Recital /Starry Night Fee: $120 charged and due with October tuition *includes 4 admission tickets and HD files of all UDA end of year recital performances.
  • Recital Costume Deposit(s): $45 per recital costume – charged and due with December tuition *no refunds given
  • Remaining Recital Costume Balance: Charged and due with February tuition *once recital costumes are ordered in December, accounts will be responsible for covering the remaining costume balance in February.

Studio Withdrawal: To withdrawal a dancer from a class or enrollment altogether, an email request must be sent to info@utahdanceartists.com by the 25th of the month in order for tuition to not be charged the following month. Tuition refunds will not be given after tuition is paid. Families may withdraw from classes or from the studio at any time during the dance year. *yet should be mindful of non-refundable tuition and fees.

Late Pick-up Fee: If a dancer is not picked up within 15 minutes of their last class, a $15 late pick up fee will be assessed followed by an additional $5 for every 5 minutes after. Since UDA’s lobby will remain closed during Utah’s Orange and Yellow Risk Levels, it will be critical to uphold this policy to maintain the safety of our dancers.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Each account must list one parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 as the financial responsible party and primary contact for all student communication. The studio will not release payment history, attendance records or other student information to a third party without permission from the responsible party.

Dress Code: Proper hair and dress code is a pre-requisite for dancers to attend dance class(es) and expected to be upheld and supported by the account holders.

Rescheduling, Modifying and Canceling Classes: UDA reserves the right to reschedule, modify or cancel dance classes and/or replace the teacher as the studio may deem necessary. UDA also reserves the right to deliver dance classes through an online platform in the event they cannot be conducted live for any reason, but not limited to: inclement weather, teacher absence or COVID–19 government advisory.


I hereby waive, release and discharge Utah Dance Artists and their employees, representatives, and volunteers from all liability which may be suffered by myself and/or registered students through association with Utah Dance Artists. This includes my heirs who may not act in my behalf. I certify the enrolled student(s) registered under my account is/ are in good physical condition and able to participate in dance instruction, recitals, performances, camps, intensives, private instruction, choreography, competitions, conventions and all other activities/events which may associated with their year of dance participation.

I indemnify, hold harmless, and promise not to sue the above entities or persons from liabilities or claims made as a result of injuries, sickness, pandemics, accidents or natural disasters which may incur during my child’s year of participation whether caused by the negligence of release or otherwise.

I hereby assume all risks of having my child(ren) participate in the activities/events listed above, at Utah Dance Artists, during Utah’s Covid-19 orange/moderate or yellow/low risk levels from Monday, August 17th – Saturday, June 12th, with the understanding that Utah Dance Artists, their employees and representatives will be committed to responsibly follow all current local and state government physical distancing guidelines and mandates.

This accident waiver and release of liability form shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. By printing my name below, I certify that I have read this legal contract, fully understand its content, and agree to its properties under my own free will and choice.


I hereby give permission for my child(ren) to receive medical attention under the direction of a physician, emergency personnel, or at any emergency facility, in the event that an accident, sickness or injury may occur at Utah Dance Artists until the time I may be contacted. Furthermore, as the account holder, I agree to carry my own medical/accident insurance and fully accept responsibility of payment for any or all medical services provided.

  1. I authorize UDA and Don Polo Photography to photograph/video the individual child(ren) registered under my account for the use of UDA advertising or marketing in print or through UDA social media platforms.
  2. I authorize UDA to use the cell phone number of “Parent 1” to text important studio information, such as class cancelations, with the understanding it will never be used for UDA advertising or sales.

UDA Summer Classes

UDA Summer Classes

UDA Summer Classes