Fall 2019 - 2020 Tuition Scale

The tuition scale can be used to calculate monthly tuition based on the number of hours taken per week for instruction. Monthly tuition is figured by averaging 4 weeks per month.

Family Discount

Each additional child (after the first registered student) receives $5 off their monthly tuition.

Boys Program

Boys enrolled at our South Jordan technical program can take ballet & Jazz recital classes for FREE!

Boys who sign up for the ballroom class can take tap and hip-hop classes for 50% off the regular price!


Registration Fee: $30 per student or $75 per family due at registration. No registration fees apply to mini-mester classes.

Non-Refundable Deposit: Deposit is calculated at the total account monthly tuition and is due at the time of registration. Deposit is applied to 1/2 August and 1/2 June tuition. If student withdraws prior to June, the deposit is non-refundable.

Class Uniform Fee: This fee applies only to preschool classes. All preschool dancers must wear a UDA uniform which consists of a leotard, pink tights and a ballet skiet (for ballet) and black hot shorts (for tap/jazz). The cost of this uniform is approximately $50.

Recital Fee*: UDA performs an annual Spring Recital each June. The recital is performed at Corner Canyon Performing Arts Center at Corner Canyon High School. A recital fee of $100 is accessed to EACH FAMILY with October tuition. This fee covers spring recital expenses such as insurance, facility rental, ushers, janitorial fees, technician fees, programs, etc. This fee entitles each family to four complimentary tickets to the performance of their choice and a professional HD file download of all four shows. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at $13.50 each. Parents can also earn additional complimentary tickets through volunteer opportunities during the recital.

Costume Fee*: Dancers are required to purchase a costume for each performance class which they are enrolled. This doesn not include technical classes. Costumes are ordered over winter recess and costs range from $60 to $100 each. The first costume deposit of $40 per costume is due in December. The balance of the costume deposit is due with February tuition.

* Fees that apply to performance classes only.