Technical Advice for Level 1-4 Dancers

Dancers in Level 1 - Level 4 Classes

The two most important classes for dancers at this age: Classical Ballet and Tap.

  • Classical ballet provides the necessary technical foundation, quality of movement and artistry, which supports most genres of dance. The focus of UDA’s Ballet Syllabus for dancers in levels 1-4 is developing a technical foundation, body alignment and posture of the dancer. In addition to the many physical benefits of classical training, ballet helps develop the mind and attitude of the dancer with discipline, focus and appreciation of structure which are critical attributes for continued dance education. Ballet training is essential for dancers who want to excel in jazz and contemporary styles as technique and vocabulary for these disciplines come from ballet.

  • Tap is essential as it is a dance form that helps the young dancer with coordination, rhythm, timing and musicality; giving a child a music foundation which is essential for all forms of dance.

  • Ballet classes are generally held twice weekly for levels 1 - Advanced. One class focuses on technique and the other focuses on learning chorecography for recital. Levels 1-4 have an option to take ballet 1 time per week.

  • Recital Jazz classes are held once a week. The focus of this class is build strength, flexibility, body and mental awareness and style.

  • At this age it only benefits a child to add other genres to their training if they are already taking tap and ballet classes.

  • If a dancer trains in tap and ballet until the fourth grade, they will technically be ready for level 5 jazz without ever taking a jazz class. This is because ballets instills proper technique, and tap, the intricate skills of musicality and rhythm. Jazz will then layer style and performance quality to the dancer’s foundation.

  • Additional dance classes that are available for dancers at this age: Tumbling, Hip-Hop and Turns and Leaps.
  • Programs available for dancers at this age; Stars Ballet and Jazz Performance Programs, the Varsity Competition Jazz Program and the Conservatory Competitive Jazz Program (for 2nd - 4th graders; by special invitation only).