Technical Advice for Level 5 - Advanced Dancers

Dancers in Level 5 - Advanced Classes

The most important classes for dancers at this level: Classical Ballet and Jazz/Turn & Leaps, and Contemporary.

  • Classical Ballet provides the technical foundation and quality of movement which supports most genres of dance. In ballet levels 1-4, our focus is to developing a strong technical foundation and proper body alignment. In ballet levels 5 and up we layer the focus of artistry and performance. In addition to the many physical benefits of classical training, ballet helps develop the mind and attitude of the dancer with discipline, focus and appreciation of structure which are critical attributes for a dancers success. Ballet training is essential for any dancer who wants to excel in jazz and contemporary styles as the technique and vocabulary for these disciplines come from ballet.

  • Jazz builds strength, flexibility, body and mental awareness and style; providing the necessary skills for possible participation in junior and senior high school extracurricular activities such as dance company, drill team, and musical theatre. Because of the technical demands in jazz, students are encouraged to supplement their jazz training with a Turns & Leaps class.

  • Contemporary has become a popular dance genre which promotes versatility and improvisation; giving dancers the freedom to explore emotions as they connect mind and body through movement. Contemporary is an important study for dancers who want to be on a competitive dance team or high school dance company, as most high school dance companies are contemporary/modern based.

  • Additional classes available for dancers this age: Tumbling, Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Hip-Hop, Tap, Ballroom, and Dance Improv.

  • Programs available for dancers at this age; Stars Ballet and Jazz Performance Programs (for 5th and 6th graders), Elites Performance Program (for 7th-12th graders), Varsity Competition Jazz Program, and Conservatory Competitive Jazz Program.