More Than Just Great Dancing Affliated Studio

Utah Dance Artists is one of 300 dance studios in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Aruba, Abu Dhabi, and the UK, licensed under More Than Just Great Dancing! ® (MTJGD™). This international affiliation program credits dance studios from around the world for aligning to a higher standard of dance instruction and business/management practices which includes; equipping staff and teachers with leadership skills, delivering quality programs and a studio wide curricula, having a positive impact on community and providing a product which is “More than just great dancing”; using the vehicle of dance to teach life and leadership skills.

In 2014 UDA became the first dance studio in Utah to receive MTJGD licensing and was honored the organizations, “Utah Charter Member”. In 2018, Utah Dance Artists was esteemed with MTJGD Executive Studio Membership, endorsing UDA’s owner, Brooke Maxwell, to join other dance industry leaders from around the world in weekly web seminars and zoom conference discussions to circulate ideas, drive industry innovations and overcome industry challenges. Today Brooke shares her studio and business expertise with the dance industry nationwide as a Certified MTJGD Coach and Speaker at Studio Owner Academy in Chicago, Studio Owner University in Palm Springs, and Dance Teachers Summit in Long Beach.

Utah Dance Artists teachers, administrative, and customer service team members continually fortify their knowledge and skills in social learning forums, online seminars, teacher training, webinars, coaching calls, and live training opportunities through MTJGD resources. Together we align our vision and mission with the founder of More Than Just Great Dancing; “We don’t teach kids to only make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids!” – Misty Lown.