About Allie


Ballet - Contemporary

Allie first started her dance training in Cary, Illinois with Cary-Grove Performing Arts Centre. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University (WMU) in Spring 2020. While at WMU, she performed works by Jackie Nowicki, Kyle Abraham, Antony Tudor, Azure Barton, George Balanchine, BAIRA/MVMT PHLOSPHY, Yin Yue, Joseph A. Hernandez, and many more. In its 2017-2018 season, Allie was a company member of Western Dance Project, under the direction of Whitney Moncrief, and performed work by Christian Denice. Currently, Allie is an apprentice with Salt Contemporary Dance Company in Salt Lake City.

Along with performance, Allie shares an equal amount of passion for teaching various genres of dance. She has been a dance instructor and assistant for over 8 years at various studios in the Chicagoland, Kalamazoo, Salt Lake City and Metro Detroit areas teaching ballet, jazz, modern, improvisation and pointe. Choreographically, Allie explores the visceral connection to initiate movement with athletic fluidity. Growing up as a diverse dancer, she encourages her students to submerge themselves in as many different genres and styles as possible; this is what creates both an intelligent and strong artist. In training, Allie expresses the importance of performance to her students, but she believes the journey to get there is just as rewarding.