About Carlson


Jazz - Turns & Leaps

Carlson grew up in Orem, Utah, where she danced, receiving extensive training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. Shortly after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California where she was an instructor and youth director at San Clemente Dance and Performing Arts.

Upon her return to Utah in 2014, Carlson furthered her training in hip hop and Latin ballroom while also becoming a member of Bonnie Story’s company, “Expansion”, where she dedicated her time for 2 years. During that time, Bonnie allowed her to dance in choreography projects such as Alex Boye’s music video “Little Drummer Boy”, his concert “An Africanized Christmas”, and a Hallmark movie entitled “My Christmas Love”.

From her work with Alex Boye, Carlson was noticed by a local artist, James the Mormon, and made an appearance in his music video “Treasure”. Following “Expansion”, Carlson was hired as a cast member of Urban Fiarytalez and danced in their production of “Alice in Wonderland”, entitled “Who Are You”. Her most recent work includes being a principal dancer in a national ad for Younique, and being a 2018/2019 Utah Jazz dancer. Carlson is passionate about teaching and loves to see her students and all those around her succeed.