About Diego

Diego Ballesteros

Guest Instructor

Diego Ballesteros was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He started dancing at the age of 14, being placed in a recreational Hip Hop class, instantly falling in love with movement. He went on to train in Jazz and Ballet rec classes and that’s when he decided he wanted to pursue dance further and wished to make a career out of Dance. Having been trained in many styles, following his late start on becoming a dancer and continuing to grow his craft, Diego quickly learned his admiration for teaching. He has worked with numerous Dance Studios, Dance Companies and Drill Teams improving not only technique, but also strengthening movement and confidence. He has received several awards and recognition for his choreography and unique style.

Diego has helped create a Company with Millennium Dance Complex SLC which trains regularly under choreographers from Salt Lake City, as well as bringing in top choreographers from LA. He also teaches a wide selection of open classes at Millennium ranging from Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Contemporary Jazz and Stretching/Flexibility. While committing so much of his time to his students and his Company, he also keeps up his training as a company dancer on Odyssey Dance Theatre and is always taking class when he can.