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  • Sierra Newbold
  • Sierra Newbold
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  • Sierra Sub for Santa Facts:

    • Since 2013
    • 28 Families Helped
    • 91 Children Received Christmas Gifts

UDA is Giving Christmas to Families in Need This Year!

This year, in memory of Sierra Newbold, Utah Dance Artists will be displaying an angel tree with ornaments listing items that families in need would like for Christmas. We have an amazing UDA family here at our studio and are hoping to get a lot of support to help these families in need.

Sierra was a dancer at UDA, whose life was cut short tragically in 2012 when she was just 6 years old. Sierra loved life and being active, she really enjoyed being outside, hiking in the mountains, soccer and especially dancing. Sierra would dance during the credits after movies and at restaurants, if they played music. Sierra loved to learn and was looking forward to the first grade. She was just learned to read and couldn’t get enough of it. Sierra had the amazing ability to make everyone happy with her big brown eyes and beautiful smile that would light up her face. Sierra loved to make friends, which she did easily; she would stand by someone for a minute and then introduce them as her new best friend. Sierra was an amazing sister, she would watch out for her older brother and took care of her younger sister, who was her true best friend.

In Sierra’s memory UDA created Sierra’s Sub for Santa where each Christmas our UDA family donates gifts to give families who are in need. The past five years we have given Christmas to 17 families and 55 children. This is a wonderful tradition that we look forward to each year.

Watch for the tree in our lobby during our "Remembering Sierra" week Monday, Nov 4th - Saturday, Nov 9th. "Remembering Sierra" week will be the week you can choose an ornament and buy a gift for one of the families. We are hoping to help as many families as possible. Presents are due back no later than Tuesday, November 19th.

Don't have time to shop but still want to help? Why not donate money to the UDA Sierra Sub For Santa fundraiser through paypal. Click below to donate.