About Myles

Myles Woolstenhulme

Guest Instructor

My name is Myles Woolstenhulme. I was born and raised in Southern Utah. I am currently a company member on SALT Contemporary Dance in Salt Lake City, UT.

I knew I always wanted to dance for a career. I knew my preferred language was movement; it allowed for more ambiguity than traditional forms of communication, people have to work to understand. Growing up in Utah had its difficulties, one of which was trying to figure out how I could establish my own unique voice amongst thousands of people who looked, thought, and acted very similar to one another.

After graduating high school, I attended Brigham Young University, where I pursued a BFA in Dance Performance. After two years at this institution, I was hired as a company member on SALT, so I left school to work full time.

While on SALT I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative people in the industry. I have performed works by: Peter Chu, Gustavo Ramirez, Ihsan Rustem, Jermaine Spivey, Joni McDonald, and many others.

I recently discovered a love of musical theatre. I have performed in many musicals in the last three years. I was hired as a resident company ensemble member for Music Theatre Wichita’s 2017 season which included; Newsies, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Hairspray. I performed on the Pioneer Theatre stage in Mamma Mia and most recently I was honored to play the lead, Jerry Mulligan, in Hale Center Theatre’s production of An American in Paris.

Dancing is my most honest form of communication. It is what I was put here to do, and I am so excited to continue my journey with you.