About Suzi

Suzi Taylor

An internationally recognized master teacher and choreographer, Suzi Taylor has been teaching professional and aspiring young dancers in NYC and across the country and the world for the past 30 years. Combining her talents as dancer, teacher and choreographer she has been invited to teach, perform and adjudicate at 5 International Dance Festivals in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, teach at the esteemed Theatre An Der Wein school in Vienna, at Julio Bocca’s school for Ballet Argentina in Buenos Aires, at the International Arts festival in Paris, at numerous festivals and professional studios throughout Italy- in Florence, Milan, Rome and Brindisi, at the 3 most prestigious studios in Tokyo, and has set choreography on companies in Tel Aviv, Glasgow and Toronto.

Suzi has been on faculty at 4 of the biggest studios in NYC- Broadway Dance Center, Theatre Dance, David Howard’s, and for the past 30 years at Steps on Broadway. She is an Adjunct Professor at Pace University, NYC, and has been a faculty member of New York City Dance Alliance since it’s inception.