STARS - Program Info

STARS - Performance Program Info

For Dancers in Kindergarter - 6th Grade

Kinder - Junior STARS

2022-2023 YEARLY PROGRAM FEE: $414

Prorated to 9 monthly payments of $46 from September – May
*This fee must be paid in addition to UDA Tuition.

The STARS Program Fee includes holiday and spring performance participation, a holiday performance costume, a spring performance costume, choreography fees, performance fees, and manager/director fees.

The STARS Program Fee does not include technical program tuition and fees, team jacket, team photo shoot, contingency fee, nude leotard, dance shoes, and tights.

Mandatory Meetings
Held at the South Jordan Studio Location

PARENT INFORMATION MEETING: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 7:00 pm

  • This meeting will provide information about the STARS program and parents will have the opportunity to meet the program director and have their questions answered.


  • This meeting will jump-start the year by providing important yearly information and dates that must be added to the calendar. STARS dancers will also be measured for their team jackets and costumes at this meeting.

Additional Information
Classes - Choreography - Fees - Etc

Community performance dates will be provided as they are available. STARS dancers are required to participate in the following performances:

  • Perform at 3-4 community events and venues during each of the Winter and Spring sessions.
  • A spring performance piece will also be performed at various community events in the spring, including the UDA annual year-end recital, and city festivals in June 2023.

Summer classes are not mandatory for STARS dancers, but strongly encouraged.

  • UDA’s four-week summer session provides classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.
  • Summer classes help dancers maintain flexibility, strength and technique over the two-month summer break.
  • Please refer to the UDA Summer Dance information to see the summer classes that are available for your dancer.

The fall schedule for the classes below will be available online Monday, May 2, 2022.

  • STARS dancers are required to take the correct STARS rehearsal class for their grade/level (One – 1-hour rehearsal class per genre).
  • Ballet STARS must take the paired ballet recital and technique classes (Two - 1 hour weekly classes – One performs in UDA recital, Juniors- Two 1.5 hour weekly classes – One performs in UDA recital).
  • Jazz STARS may either take the paired ballet recital and technique classes OR a jazz recital and turns and leaps class (Two 1 hour weekly classes – One performs in UDA recital, Juniors- Two 1.5 hour weekly classes – One performs in UDA recital).
  • Dancers who participate in BOTH ballet and jazz performance genres are required to take the paired ballet recital and technique classes. *adding jazz classes is optional

The following are mandatory rehearsal dates for ALL STARS dancers:

  • Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2022 – STARS Photo Shoot
  • ***Additional dates added as necessary
  • UDA monthly tuition and STARS program fees are both due on the first business day of each month from September-May.
  • The cost of monthly tuition is figured by using the UDA tuition scale.
  • August and June are half months and paid together as a full-month tuition when registering for fall classes
  • A $35 non-refundable basic membership fee is applied on June 1, 2022 to all returning UDA students. A $59 non-refundable premium membership fee is offered with additional benefits.
  • Recital Fee: $120 - charged on October 1st with October tuition. This fee covers recital participation, four complimentary tickets and professional HD files of all UDA end - year performances.
  • Recital Costume Deposit: $40 – charged on December 1, 2022 with December tuition. A $40 costume deposit will be charged per class participating in recital *One recital class is required for STARS participation
  • Remaining Recital Costume Balance: charged on February 1, 2023 with February tuition. All remaining costume balances will be charged at this time.
  • Contingency Fee: $30 – charged on September 1, 2022. The contingency fee covers any unexpected costs related to your dancer’s program. Money not used during the year will be credited back to your UDA account on May 1, 2023. All STARS accounts will be charged one contingency fee, even for those dancers enrolled in both ballet and jazz performance genres.
  • Team Jacket: $70 – charged on September 1, 2022 with September tuition. New team jackets will be purchased every three years and this will be year #3.
  • STARS Photo Shoot: Scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2022. All dancers are required to be in their team photos. *specific times TBA
  • Withdrawal Fee: Withdrawing from the STARS program any time after August 16, 2022 will result in a $30 withdrawal fee and a mandatory payment of any costume expenses. All remaining program fees will be due. No refund will be given on any past paid fees and tuition.

In addition to the required STARS classes, we encourage participation in these additional fall classes for optimal technical training:

*When selecting additional fall session classes, STARS dancers may NOT add additional classes on Tuesdays due to possible extended rehearsals, workshops, or performances taking place on this day.