Elite Performance Group - Program Info

Elite Performance Group - Program Info

For Dancers in the 7th - 12th Grade

The UDA Elite Performance Group is for dancers in the 7th -12th grades. This program is designed to give dancers additional experience in artistic development, performance, accountability and responsibility. The Elite Performance Group is divided into three levels, each focusing on the genres of ballet, jazz and contemporary: 1. Apprentice (beginning level dancers) 2. Demi-Soloist (intermediate level dancers) 3. Principal (advanced level dancers).

The UDA ELITE PERFORMANCE GROUP is designed to give dancers experience in artistic development and performance in the genres of ballet, jazz and contemporary. Using our community as the vehicle, we find opportunities for EPG dancers to grow as artists in a non-competitive environment. Dancers learn the importance of being responsible to self and accountability to others as a member of a team.


Amortized over 9 months: $66 monthly paid on the 1st of the month from September - May
(*in addition to regular tuition)
Program fee includes holiday and spring performance participation, choreography fees, manager and director fees, workshops, master classes and accessories for all performances.
Program fee does not include technical program tuition and fees, team jacket, group photo shoot, recital production costume, dance shoes and tights needed for all performances.

Additional Information
Classes - Choreography - Fees - Etc

Performance dates will be provided as they are available. Elite Performance Group members are required to participate in all performances and will have the following opportunities:

  • Perform holiday choreography at the Festival of Trees, Dickens Festival and Holiday Magic
  • Perform choreography at community events and venues
  • Perform a group production number for UDA’s annual Spring Recital
  • Participate in Salt’s Contemporary Festival/Workshop (January)
  • Participate in BYU’s Contemporary Dance Workshop (February)
  • Attend two master classes
  • Participate in an optional travel opportunity (more information available in the fall)

Summer classes are not mandatory for EPG dancers, but strongly encouraged. UDA’S four-week summer session focuses on ballet, variations, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop classes. The classes help dancers maintain flexibility, strength and technique over the two-month summer break. Please refer to the 2019 Summer Dance information to see what is available for your dancer.

  • Days and times of these classes will be available onlin Monday, May 6, 2019
  • A $30 non-refundable registration fee is applied to all students who enroll in technical classes
  • The cost of the monthly tuition is figured by using the UDA Tuition Scale
  • Weekly EPG class requirements:
    • EPG choreography,performance class
    • Ballet recital and technique classes
    • Either recital jazz or recital contemporary for their approved level
  • Monthly tuition is paid on the first business day of each month from September - May
  • August and June are half months and paid together as a full month tuition upon fall registration
  • Accounts will be charged a $100 Recital fee with October tuition. This fee covers recital participation, four complimentary tickets, and professional HD files of all UDA end of year performances.
  • A $40 costume deposit fee will be charged to all EPG dancers with December tuition for the recital production costume. The remaining costume balance will be due with February tuition.
  • Dates: Saturday, August 17
  • Apprentice: 12:30 - 2:00 pm
  • Demi-Soloist: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
  • Principal: 3:30 - 5:00 pm
  • Cost: $107 - Due by check on September 1, 2019
  • Dates: September 14, 2019
  • Time: TBA
  • All team members are required to attend group photos and purchase a group photo
  • Contingency Fund: $50 - paid at enrollment *the contingency fund covers any unexpected costs related to your dancer’s program. Money not used during the year will be credited back to your UDA account on May 1st
  • Team Jacket: $70 - A company jacket fee will be charged on September 1, 2019 to EPG dancers. *every three years a new team jacket will be purchased - this will be year #2
  • Mandatory Attire for Apprentice & Demi-Solo Companies: Will be ordered by EGP and accounts will be charged upon order submission
    • $25 wrap skirt - charged September 1st
    • $10 performance earrings - chaged September 1st
    • Ballet technique shoes and black jazz shoes - charged November 1st
  • Mandatory Attire for Principal Company: Will be ordered by EGP and accounts will be charged upon order submission
    • $65 black tutu - charged September 1st
    • $10 performance earrings - chaged September 1st
    • Ballet technique shoes and 2 black character jazz shoes - charged November 1st
  • EPG dancers will receive tights at a discounted rated for holiday, spring and production number costumes