About Kaelynne


Classical Ballet - Pointe - Preschool & PKK Classes (Ballet, Tap/Jazz)

Bios can be ........, don’t you think? So let’s have some fun and really tell you what you what you want to know. If you’re going to have Kaelynne as a teacher her name is Ms.Kaelynne and she will be you and your dancers DanceMama. She takes it seriously and so should you. She is married to the greatest guy ever, and no he isn’t a dancer, but you will see him at every performance. Together they have 3 amazing girls, and yes they all dance (and all have been trained to call her Ms.Kaelynne in the studio.) Kaelynne has been teaching, choreographing, and directing for 30 years. No, you won’t find her on social media. She would rather be somewhere else, hopefully making real memories in the studio and with her family.

Kaelynne has been trained by some of the best teachers you could find, locally and nationally. It’s a very long list, but the ones that changed her life are Willam F. Christensen, Gus Giordano, and Her first teacher Shelly Tucker.

Ms.Kaelynne loves to choreograph. So many choreographies and so many awards. It’s fun to win, and win a lot, but sometimes not winning is where you really learn how to be the best of the best. Ms.Kaelynne teaches all the qualities a dancer needs to win, but also those when you don’t. Real dancers fall and they have to get back up. Real dancers loose, and they have to learn humility, kindness, good sportsmanship, and perseverance.

Ms.Kaelynne has taught so many dancers over the past 30 years that now she is starting to teach their children. 😫 A few of her dancers are famous like Megan & Robbie Fairchild. Many of her dancers you’ll find right here at UDA. Others are teaching, choreographing and directing out there somewhere locally and nationally. Several have won Sterling Scholar or scholarships to college. While others grow up to be lots of other things like amazing moms & dads or dedicated professionals. All of them are important to Ms.Kaelynne, and always will.

Somehow Kaelynne also found time back-in-the-day to be a teacher, director, and regional elementary specialist with Challenger Schools. And way back-in-the-day she was the State Drill Down Champion and also won State and National titles as head drill mistress of her beloved Brighton HS Accadians. She finally realized her dream of writing and choreographing her own ballet Wings~AFaerie Tale right here at UDA. She has also developed and written her own syllabus for training teachers on correct principals of teaching and choreographing. (And if you ever say the words “this” or “that” when you’re teaching....you really need to take her course)

But what you really should know is that Ms.Kaelynne will be happy to have a fouette’ contest with you ANY DAY, and she can still do the back spin (ok, so she used to be able to get around 6 times and now it’s only 2 on a good day...but hey! It’s still cool, right?)

Education and Professional Experience:
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet - emphasis in performance - University of Utah
  • Master of Fine Arts in Ballet - emphasis in choreography and teaching - University of Utah
Career Highlight:
  • Former member of Utah Ballet
  • Guest performer for Utah Opera's "Aida" Production