About Kara

Kara Heugly


Ms. Heugly started taking gymnastics at 4 years old, leading her into the world of competitive gymnastics. Kara started dancing soon thereafter and both have been part of her life ever since. Ms. Heugly has taught dance and tumbling for 25 plus years. She has four children ages 10-17 years old, and with this comes the comfort of knowing that Kara believes in treating the students that she teaches with respect and kindness. Her philosophy is to not use language or behavior that will jeopardize the gifts and self-worth that parents have instilled in their children.

Background and Experience:

  • Dance Education Major at BYU 1994-1996
  • Coach for CEU Cheer/Song leaders in Price, Utah 2004-2006
  • Dance Teacher: Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, Utah; Alpine School District after school program 1993-1994; The Dance Center in Torrance, CA 1996; Ann Arbor School District in Ann Arbor, Michigan 1998-1999
  • Owned and operated own dance studio from 2000-2004
  • Current tumbling program has been in operation since 2007

Because of Ms. Heugly’s extensive dance background, she insists on beautiful technique. Her dance training influences technical skills that are reinforced in her tumbling training such as: straight legs, pointed toes and finished arms. Because of this Kara teaches skills that are executed beautifully in dance choreography due to proper technique and seamless transitioning.

Vision and Mission:
  • Help each child find success in tumbling
  • Instill technique, strength, and flexibility
  • Help students learn that hard work and practice pays off
  • Instill confidence in every child
  • Build and support students emotionally